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Racoon Micro Weft Tape Hair Extensions
Micro Wefts have a super-fine, ultra-flexible micro header, making them discreet to the eye and one of the safest systems available on the market.  They have small header tapes that are easily attached to the hair and are extremely comfortable. They are easy to apply in about an hour. Weft hair extensions are perfect as a temporary hair extensions option for weddings, parties and special occasions.  The hair is top quality Remy hair.

They last for up to 4 weeks before being removed, reconditioned and retaped. You will need to come in for a colour match and we will order the taped wefts for you. Included in the price is the Racoon Shampoo and Conditioner and a special brush to help you take care of your extensions. Also included in the price is a cutting and blending service.

Are they expensive?
Not in comparison to bonded extensions and with a little bit of care they will last just as long. With prices starting at just £350 for a full head of extensions that can be removed and refitted as and when you wish, the Racoon Micro Wefts are very reasonable. If you want them removing and refitting we will do that for you. We remove the wefts and detox them and clean them. We then retape them and re apply them for as little as £65.

You can see the very small header tape in the image below

The Micro Weft Hair Extensions are temporarily bonded to your hair and will last up to 4 weeks before they will need to be removed, retaped and re applied.

Unlike bonded extensions they take much less time to fit. Normally it will take just over an hour for the initial fitting whereas bonded extensions can take up to 6 hours. Removal and refitting takes about 2 hours due to the fact that we need to clean and retape the wefts before refitting them.

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